ISO 14001ISO 14001 is a worldwide standard for environmental management system that can be implemented by any organization and allow to define an environmental policy and objective for improvement of its environmental performance, validate its resource efficiency, waste reductions and drive down costs.

Your success with our experiences InterSert’s auditors and experts have an extensive experience to serve our value customer and guarantees independence and impartially to achieve the most effective implementation of the system.

Benefit of ISO 14001 certification to your organization :

  1. Competitive and financial advantages through increased efficiency and reduced cost
  2. Enhance the corporate image and credibility
  3. Compliance with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements
  4. Environmental engage employees
  5. Protect the company assets and shareholders
  6. Fulfilment of customer requirements as regards environmental friendliness

Benefit of ISO 14001 certification to your customer :

  1. Establish trust and credibility
  2. Reduction of complaints
  3. Averts pollution and waste
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